Yaji and Kita - The Midnight Pilgrims

Product Description

In the ancient Edo period, Yaji and Kita are two flamboyant, down-and-out samurai who embark on a journey on their souped-up chopper to battle Kita's drug addiction and contemplate the meaning of their truly bizarre existence.  On their way to a healing shrine at Ise, they trip through a world where fantasy is reality, and the past and present intersect.  A surreal blend of slapstick comedy, musical and Easy RiderYaji and Kita heralds the directorial debut of Kankuro Kudo (acclaimed writer of Takashi Miike's Zebra-Man) and stars Tomoya Nagase and Shichinosuke Nakamura as the whacked-out titular duo.  Marked with a unique brand of cinematic mayhem, this hallucinogenic gay love story is sure to delight a bewilder all who dare journey with them.

Media Format: DVD

$ 9.99