Wildlife Stories - The Whole Story: Beetles & Spiders

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Details: With more than 3,000 known species around the globe -- and who knows how many yet to be discovered -- beetles are the most numerous lifeform on earth.  Nearly one in every three animal species is a beetle.

Equal parts aviator, woodworker, sewage disposal, strongman and athlete, the humble beetle is among the greatest survivors the world has ever known.  With their hard body armor and endless adaptability to climate and food source, beetles have outlived the dinosaurs and are poised to conquer the 21st century.

Whether small enough to fit the head of a pin, or large enough to fill a dinner plate, spiders are amazing animals.  Supreme hunters of the invertebrate world, they are the most numerous predators on Earth.  But, they are also nature's master craftsmen, fashioning exquisite webs of the finest silk -- a natural fiber so tough that it may rank with the most

Release Date: 26-03-2002

Running Time: 105 minutes

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