When the Lion Roars: Understanding the Implications of Ancient Prophecies for Our Time

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Author: Gallups, Carl

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Number Of Pages: 336

Release Date: 25-10-2016

Details: Product Description From  Amazon Top 60 bestselling author  - Carl Gallups FOREWORD - Joseph Farah What if we truly were living in the most profoundly prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ? What if you were shown the undeniable and shocking proof?   Pat Boone - "Captivating!" Joseph Farah - "Relevant!" Tom Horn  - "Dramatic illumination!" Cheryl Chumley -"Riveting!" Mark Biltz - "You can feel the closeness!" Joel Richardson - "Passionate! Urgent!" Zach Drew - "Wow!" Zev Porat - "Anointed!" Richard Syrett - "Compelling!" Dr. Laurie Cardoza-Moore - "Prophetic!" Dr. Grace Vuoto -  "A must-read book by a principled Christian - a scholar!"   ------------------------------- The return of Israel. Increased turmoil in the Middle East. The rise of ISIS. China and Russia's presence in the Fertile Crescent. The exponentially increasing technological explosion. The "Trojan horse" refugee crisis. America's collapsing borders. The rise of the Sodom and Gomorrah spirit. The targeting of Christians around the world and particularly in the Middle East and The United States. These are just a few prophetic fulfillments occurring in our day pointing to significant biblical times to come. The Bible is 100% accurate in regards to the ancient prophecies and ours is the first generation to see these startling events converging - and at lightning speed. Meticulously documented with reliable sources and sound contextual biblical study, WHEN THE LION ROARS equips you to understand the gravity of the days in which we are living. In  When the Lion Roars, discover what the Bible really says about... * The unprecedented demonic outpouring of the Last Days, * The spirit of the days of Noah, * The connection of wanton technology growth with biblical prophecy fulfillment, * The spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah, *  Apostasy in the Last Days' Church, *  Why Turkey is central to last days' prophecy, *  Why Israel is the centerpiece of end time prophecy, *  The historical truth about Islam and ISIS, *  The Shemitah effect, *  The mystery of 666 - are we on the verge of the technological fulfillment? *  How should Christians and the Church respond to these prophetic times, And much more. We are living in intense but exciting times. We are living in prophetically unprecedented times. Be on guard; prepare your spirit and your mind. Make certain you have a biblically balanced understanding of our generation. Be ready with wisdom and perspective. The closing chapters represent wise and biblical counsel from a long-time pastor's heart. They are filled with discernment and instruction for prophecy-days living - and laden with hope and encouragement. We have been raised up "For such a time as this!"  The Lion of God's prophetic Word is roaring.  Do you hear its warning? Do you hear its call? Review "What the world needs is a review about what has happened biblically in the last few decades and how that corresponds with present and coming events. Author, Carl Gallups, accomplishes this in his latest book, When the Lion Roars."  -- Dr. Herman Bailey, 37-year host of  It's Time with Herman & Sharron - CTN "From the return of Israel to the newest technologies of transhumanism - Carl Gallups gets it. His newest book, When The Lion Roars, delivers its message convincingly and with authority. The straightforward and easy-to-understand nature of the case Carl presents will dramatically illuminate the unfolding years before you. Believe me, your life will be richer from having explored the pages of this book. Riveting!"  - - Dr. Tom Horn, bestselling author and CEO of SkyWatchTV "Wow! If you ever had doubts whether we are in the last days or not Carl Gallups' new book will leave you with no questions! This book makes clear the certain elements needed for the end times are all in place! The stage has been set and Act

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