The Standard Deviants - Learn English as a Second Language (ESL) - Pronouns, Adjectives, and the Present Tense

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Details: Your study of English begins with a look at pronouns - those little words like we, she and I that take the place of nouns and keep your sentences nice and neat. Then we're going to teach you how to use adjectives. These words help you describe things and make your sentences more interesting. But what if you want to tell someone that you like your hot dog? Or that you are in your office? Don t worry, we'll also cover possessives.

  • Easy-to-understand approach
  • Proven ESL teaching methods
  • Written by leading ESL instructors

Starring: The Standard Deviants

Release Date: 14-09-2004

UPC: 631865014927

EAN: 9781581989489

Languages: English

Media Format: DVD

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