The Joseph Calling: 6 Stages to Discover, Navigate, and Fulfill Your Purpose by Os Hillman

Product Description

What is your God-sized assignment? God has an assignment for you—a God-sized destiny for you to fulfill. How can you know what it is, and what is the process to walk in that calling?
The Joseph Calling presents six unique stages that many people pass through to fulfill their destiny. Such was the case for Joseph in the Bible—he was a dreamer with a calling. After being the favored son, his brothers betrayed him, which led to a thirteen-year journey of hardship, humble circumstances, accusations, and pain. But God used Joseph’s adversities to fulfill a larger story—to be a spiritual and physical provider for others. “Josephs” today are men and women, old and young, who are set apart by God for his divine purposes.
In The Joseph Calling Os Hillman will help you:

  • Embrace God’s activity in your life.
  • Navigate through adversity.
  • Discover your calling.
  • Fulfill God’s purpose for your life.
God has a plan for you at every stage of life. He wants you to know his assignment for you—and only you—so you can live an intentional and purpose-filled life.
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