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Starring the very well known and the most beloved stares of the Latino population, this passionate and sensual tale manages to traversed the barriers of time and space on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  In the past, a young pirate falls in love with the spouse of Miguel, his best friend close enough to be his own brother.  Even though he represses his love, his destiny unites him with his love when Miguel suddenly dies.  Without a doubt the reunion of the Pirate and his princess was intense but brief, cut short by their inexplicable deaths.  Hector is introduced as a character that must possess all, and after discovering an antique watch at the beach, he unlocks the reincarnation of the young romantic pirate, who swears to find his beautiful princess to live out his passionate dream.

Starring: Fernando Allende, Andres Garcia, Sully Diaz, Nydia Caro

Director: Pepe Orraca


Release Date: 20-04-2004

UPC: 822847011366

EAN: 0822847011366

Languages: English

Binding: DVD

$ 6.49