Shiny Things: Mothering on Purpose in a World of Distractions

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Author: Bacon, Amanda

Brand: Harvest House Publishers

Number Of Pages: 240

Release Date: 16-04-2019

Details: Product Description What and who should get the best of us? And why is it so enticing to choose lesser things instead of lasting things?   As moms we know the magnetic pull to steer away from what’s important and choose what feels irresistible in the moment. In Shiny Things, Amanda Bacon and Anne-Renee Gumley bring to light the distractions moms face every day.   Honoring God and loving our families are our highest priority, but sometimes we need help keeping them there. For all of us who find ourselves caught in the cycle of distraction but are looking for a way out, Shiny Things will help us: identify the threat of distractions so we can learn to live with intention resist the pull to be interrupted by non-essentials and focus on God and our priority people purpose to live free from distraction with hearts turned Godward in all we do It’s never too late to take hold of what’s most important. Today’s a great day to start.   Review “My friends Amanda and Anne-Renee deeply understand the struggle we all face as moms to be present with our family while our attention is pulled in a million different directions. The practical, godly wisdom they share in Shiny Things will meet you right where you are while pointing you back to the moment-by-moment help offered to us by Jesus Himself. Such a needed message for us moms today.” —Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries “This is a kind book for any mom who feels pushed around by her schedule and pulled away by distraction. What Amanda and Anne-Renee do for moms in Shiny Things is to bring us back to center by reminding us of our most basic loves—home, good work, family, dear friends, and a God who holds us all together. I’m grateful for the friendship they have with each other that they graciously extend to us in the pages of this book.” —Emily P. Freeman, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Simply Tuesday and host of The Next Right Thing podcast “Amanda and Anne-Renee remind us that moms are not robots—we have real demands on our time and space, but also some very real limitations. Shiny Things is an excellent read that helps us see how choosing wisely, with the bigger picture always in mind, is key. This book is like sitting with two friends who help me focus on my relationship with God, my priority people, and my God-given role as a mom.” —Nicki Koziarz, bestselling author and speaker “Readers often ask me to identify the biggest challenges of being an author. My answer: the squirrels and the shiny things. There are a thousand inconsequential distractions, every day, that try to get in the way of God’s priorities for my work and my everyday life as a wife and mom. Let’s all be thankful that Anne-Renee and Amanda persevered past their own ‘shiny things’ to complete this primer on distraction-free living. This book will help you keep your eyes fixed on the work and the people God wants you to serve. Shiny Things won’t get rid of your distractions, but it will help you keep your focus on what matters most of all.” —Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of It’s All Under Control “Shiny Things is a book for every mom! This world is not slowing down at all—the number of ‘shiny things’ stealing our attention and distracting us from the mission of motherhood continues to increase. This book is needed now more than ever! As I read each chapter I noticed my head and heart nodding in agreement, recognizing that I am not alone in trying to be a great mother in a world of distractions. Anne-Renee and Amanda have written a beautiful message to moms, reminding us all about what is truly significant about our role in our families and the purpose God has for us, right where we are!” —Jennifer Smith, author of The Unveiled Wife and Wife After God “The difficult work of motherhood has often caught me by surprise. How could something so good be so hard? With heartfelt transparency, Amanda and Anne-Renee bring clarity to our calli

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