Return to Paradise

Product Description

Details: In Malaysia, three young Americans with little else in common are united in a shared enthusiasm for beer, women, and righteous hashish.  Eventually Sheriff (Vince Vaughn) and Tony (David Conrad) head back to New York.  Lewis (Joaquin Phoenix), a spacey but good-hearted sort, stays with the notion of helping save the orangutans.  Two years pass when a brassy lawyer (Anne Heche) shows up in Manhattan with the news that her client, Lewis, has spent the interim in Penang prison arrested for a prank misdemeanor they all shared in, but taking the rap for something worse: the dope stash they left him holding.  Unless his fellow American friends return voluntarily to share the weight, in eight days Lewis will be hanged as a drug trafficker.

Director: Joseph Ruben


  • Rated R for language, drug content, some sexuality and a scene of violence
  • Format: DVD Video
  • Running Time: 112 minutes

Format: NTSC

Release Date: 02-07-2015

UPC: 011891850483

EAN: 0011891850483

$ 10.99