Peacemaking Church

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Author: Heffelfinger, Curtis

Brand: Baker Books

Number Of Pages: 176

Release Date: 20-11-2018

From the back cover: 

Proactive tools for the pursuit of Unity in your Church.

When human beings are involved in any endeavor, conflict is inevitable. But the best fight is the one a church never has to have because its members have been intentionally cultivating practices that lead to peace and preserve unity. Whether dealing with conflict right now or hoping to prevent it later, you will find that the proactive approach to peacemaking outlined in this book will equip you with the knowledge and practices you need to instill in your church leadership and membership.

"Curt is adept at identifying and applying Scripture in winsome and practical ways to the many types of tensions and conflicts that plague human relationships, especially in the church."--from the foreword by Ken Sande, founder of Peacemaker Ministries and Relational Wisdom 360

"Exactly what Christians need to stop fighting one another and instead turn their attention toward fighting to protect the peace and purity of the church. If you are exhausted from the devastation of church conflict, you will be refreshed. If you are discouraged, you will find hope."-- Tara Barthel, attorney, mediator, and author/coauthor of Redeeming Church Conflicts, Peacemaking Women, and Living the Gospel in Relationships

"Don't miss this beautifully woven, transparent, amazing, and providential journey of grace! You and your church will be better prepared for the uncertain future we all face in a world and culture that seek anything but unity."-- David V. Edling, coauthor of Redeeming Church Conflicts

About the author:  Curtis Heffelfinger has served in pastoral ministry for more than thirty years. He has written for Tabletalk magazine and served on the steering committee for the Orlando chapter of the Gospel Coalition. He and his wife, Jan, are the parents of six children and have nine grandchildren. 

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