Offero 16 Ounce Coffee Cup, Set of 2

Product Description

Brand: Offero


  • A UNIQUE SLANT ON DRINKING with a PATENTED, AWARD WINNING DESIGN - The lip is angled downwards at 45 degrees. Drink from the lower lip!
  • 2012 WINNER of BEST NEW PRODUCT from The Specialy Coffee Association of America
  • ENHANCES TASTE - Connoisseurs know that the "nose" of a coffee, tea or cocoa plays a vital role in the enjoyment of its fullest flavor. This distinctive design helps trap aromas to heighten the taste of your beverage by bringing your sense of smell into the simple act of drinking
  • CRAFTMANSHIP - Due to their unique shape, these cups cannot be mass produced by machines. Each cup is hand poured and finished.
  • FANTASTIC GIFT - Ideal for lovers of coffee or tea of all kinds. HOLDS 16 ounces. Dishwasher and microwave safe

Details: Here is the Specialty Coffee Association of America's 2012 winner of Best New Product! With Offero cups you really do drink differently. The unique slanted design allows your nose to be involved so you can appreciate the full flavors of you coffees and teas or even special cocoas. Taste how good your favorite beverage can be. Due to the unique shape of our cups and glasses (the belly, taper and extended back) they can’t be mass produced by machines. Each cup and glass is hand poured into its mold, fired then hand finished. Your cups glasses will show some irregularities, light mold lines; some uneven finishes, bubbles and even minute size differences ….. But …. The integrity of the design and therefore The Offero cups beauty and function will always be maintained.

$ 22.95