Offero 12oz Coffee Cups in Red Gloss - Set of 2

Product Description

See how good your coffees and teas can really be! The unique slanted design really brings your "nose" into the simple act of drinking your cup of morning Joe. This is the Specialty Coffee Association of America's 2012 winner of Best New Product.

  • Design helps trap aromas to enhance the taste of your drink
  • Enhances the "nose" of your coffee or tea
  • 2012 Winner of Best New Product from the Specialty Coffee Association of America

Due to the unique shape of the cups (the belly, taper and extended back), they can't be mass produced by machines. Each cup is hand-poured into its mold, fired, then hand-finished. Your cups will show some irregularities: light mold lines, some uneven finishes, bubbles and even minute size differences. But the integrity of the design and therefore the Offero cups' beauty and function will always be maintained.

    $ 24.99