Nature: Chimpanzees - An Unnatural History

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Details: In 1959, the United States Air Force captured dozens of baby chimpanzees in Africa, transporting them to Alamogordo, New Mexico, where they and their offspring were to endure a grueling life as the ultimate human stand-ins. From experiments in space travel and high-velocity crash tests, to pharmaceutical testing and hepatitis and AIDS research, to roles on the silver and small screens, these original Air Force chimpanzees and others that followed gave their lives to benefit humankind. Now, a few extraordinary people are working to give those lives back. Emmy Award-winning producer Allison Argo (Extraordinary Dogs) narrates this compelling and powerful program that witnesses the efforts of rescuers at sanctuaries Fauna Foundation, Save the Chimps, and Center for Great Apes to see that the traumatized residents they have saved from a life of confinement and suffering can finally be allowed to live and feel like chimps.

Brand: Questar

Release Date: 13-11-2007

Running Time: 56 minutes

UPC: 033937037368

EAN: 0033937037368

Languages: English

Media Format: DVD

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