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Details: Beautiful young journalist Nora (played by haunting Miroslava) gets a very cool job: she must interview the mysterious Dr. Ling (Linares Riva).  She gets the shock of her life when she finds out that the brilliant scientist actually is a deranged and misshaped madman who is instantly obsessed by her beauty.  Refused by Nora, Ling loses all control on what little sanity he's got left.  So he resuscitates a handsome young man by transplanting a new brain in the corpse and orders the zombie to kidnap Nora.  But not even an undead man can resist Nora's beauty and the love-lorn zombie falls desperately in love with the girl.  Their ungodly romance, though, is doomed to come to a bloody halt...

Mexican cult director Chano Urueta directs his very own take on the immortal myth of Frankenstein's monster.  Filmed in 1955, this film single-handedly started the Mexican horror new wave.  Eerie settings, deranged characters, over the top, storylines, all this and much more is featured in Monster, an unmissable classic of crazy creativity gone berserk.  Monster is here to stay!

Bonus Features: Poster gallery, Italian photonovel (DVD-ROM)

Director: Chano Urueta

Brand: One 7 Movies

Edition: Spanish, Subtitled In English

Format: Multiple Formats

Release Date: 12-03-2013

UPC: 812592015153

EAN: 0812592015153

Media Format: DVD

$ 9.63