Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Product Description

Details: Middle-aged seafood restaurateur Barney Cashman (Alan Arkin) is a man with a mission -- to have one great extramarital affair to make his humdrum life complete.  And with his mother's apartment vacant one day each week, he has the perfect lair -- now all he needs is the perfect partner.  That's when Barney discovers that being a great Don Juan is much more complicated than he ever imagined!  His hilarious attempts at seduction net him an unemotional, jaded sexpot (Sally Kellerman), a struggling starlet (Paul Prentiss), and a seeming feisty, passionate woman (Renee Taylor) who, in reality, suffers from an intense state of melancholia.  Writer Neil Simon's perceptive comedy reaches the screen as a compelling, delightful look at one man just itching to spice up his life -- and triumphantly shed the dreariness he believes has enveloped his day-to-day existence.

Director: Gene Saks

Screenplay: Neil Simon

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EAN: 0097360809480

Languages: English

Media Type: DVD

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