JA-RU Stretchy Squishy Magic Grow Animals Grows Over 300% The Size. Fast Water Growing Toy for Kids. Includes Sticker Fidget Toy Ball Party Favors 314

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Brand: JA-RU


  • 1 INDIVIDUALLY PACKED Randomly Selected. The NEW and Original Stretchy Squishy Magic Grow Animals in 4 styles: Dinosaur, Chonk-e Unicorn, Hedgehog and Puffer Fish. A seemingly normal animals magically turns super large! in Just 2 Hours, just add water and watch it grow up to 6 times the original size. great bath toy for boys toys, girls toys and toddlers. Includes 1 collectible bouncy ball by Funaton.
  • STRETCHY SQUISHY SOFT MAGIC GROW ANIMALS: 3X Growing Power Turns into a Soft Stretchy Squishy Stress Ball. Assorted Colors. Perfect Gift Prize Party Favor Game. Watch these animals grow up to 300% larger with only cool water!. Water Pack Animal Toy of Growing Animals in Water. Great Bath Tub Toy.
  • GETS BIG AND STAYS CHUNKY: Place the pet in a canister with COLD water make sure the holes in the bottom are covered, DO NOT USE WARM OR HOT WATER. Squeeze & Stretch to help them Grow. Takes 2 Hours to Fully Grow. Remove from water and let it rest for 30 minutes on a Paper Tower. Dispose the water and wash hands. Includes 1 Magic Grow Mega animal per package.
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  • USA BRAND JA-RU TOYS ASTM TESTED. Top Quality & Safety; Great Party Favors Giveaways Prizes Goodies, Stocking Stuffers Rewards Incentives Pinata Filler Birthday Bag Christmas ADD ADHD Prime Cool Stuff Prime Toys in Bulk

PartNumber: 314 302

Details: 100% Safe and Lab Tested. Watch Marine Animals magically grow huge 600% and More. This awesome Squieeze Squishy Magic Grow super Sea Creatures and Land Animals will keep you entertained and excited for days because it grows longer and longer as the days go by! Imagine how happy your child will be as they eagerly wait and study the growth of animals over a period of days. All you need is water and it will magically grow. Grow your kids love for science with the coolest growing sea animals

Model: 314 302

$ 9.98