Geek and Ye Shall Find: Devotions for Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks Everywhere

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Author: Elliott, Ellen

Brand: Harvest House Publishers

Number Of Pages: 224

Release Date: 02-04-2019

Details: Product Description Go Forth and Geek Out! Nerd. Geek. Dungeon Master. These used to be derisive labels. But now, geek is the new chic. Humorist, cartoonist, and geek culture enthusiast Ellen Elliott invites you to embrace your inner Spock and boldly go where no devotional has gone before—on a righteous, pop culture-filled quest for truth, meaning, and authenticity. From Lost to Back to the Future to Minecraft, and worlds beyond, join Ellen as she searches for spiritual Easter eggs hidden all over the geek multiverse. Get a Kung Fu grip on what God's Prime Directive says on topics such as hardship, fear, courage, and more. And now, true believer, you know what this book is all about. And as you also know, knowing is half the battle. About the Author Ellen Elliott is a gifted illustrator who enjoys working in a variety of mediums from acrylic and watercolor to collage and digital. Her work has been featured in several children’s books and gift products. An art graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, Ellen lives in Arkansas with her two well-behaved kids and a rude cat.

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Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

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