Fail: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

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Some of us don't respond well to failure.  When that happens, we sometimes choose paths that are less risky.  Those paths can lead to lives of safety, predictability, and mediocrity.  By contrast, people who learn to weather life's disappointments often are prepared for lives of risk-taking boldness and adventure.  When we learn how to fail, we learn how to live.

Using the biblical character Jeremiah and the teachings of Jesus, Matt Miofsky shows that truly following Christ means learning how to fail and fail well.

About the Author: Matt Miofsky is the Lead Pastor of The Gathering United Methodist Church in Saint Louis, Missouri. Matt gained a degree in Advanced Math and played football at Washington University and then attended Candler School of Theology. Matt lives with his family in Saint Louis.

Brand: Abingdon Press

Number Of Pages: 112

Release Date: 05-09-2017

EAN: 9781501847837

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

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