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Details: An intense love story that depicts the reality of many immigrants who, when searching for a better life, end up destroying what they love the most.  Santiago and Macario are forced to leave their Mexican town for a better future, leaving behind the women in their lives, who have to struggle to keep afloat.  When the men return home, they find that everything has changed, and cannot recover what they left behind.  Beautiful cinematography and complex characters are portrayed in this film where the women's role as head of the family is influenced by life's mishaps.

Nominated for the 2009 Cartagena Film Festival Golden India Catalina Award for Best Film

Starring: Mayra Serbulo: Nominated four times for the Silver Ariel (Supporting actress) at the Ariel Awards, Mexico. Starred in such films as Apocalypto, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Y tu Mama Tambien

Starring: Iazua Larios

Format: NTSC

Release Date: 11-05-2010

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Languages: Spanish

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