Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Wife

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Details: What does it mean to honor your wife?  God calls you not only to love your wife, but also to honor her.  Sadly, honor is a missing ingredient in may marriages today.  Love and honor practiced together will take your marriage to a whole new level.  Join author David Chadwick as he shares eight great ways to make this happen:

  • trust her instincts
  • be a man of God
  • encourage her gifts
  • use words wisely
  • share your heart
  • read her well
  • be a guardian and gardener
  • ask a certain question often

Make honoring your wife an everyday part of your life -- and experience the very best of what God can do in your marriage relationship!

About the Author: David Chadwick has been the pastor of Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, since 1980. He is a featured speaker on Back to the Bible radio ministry, and has MDiv and DMin degrees from Columbia Theological Seminary.  He and his wife, Marilyn, have three grown children.

Author: Chadwick, David

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