David: The Bible Collection

Product Description

Details: David, poet and musician. the simple shepherd chosen by God.  The boy who defeated the giant Goliath and the man who defeated great armies.  David, King of Israel.

Leonard Nimoy and Jonathan Pryce lead a talented cast in this vivid retelling of one of the Bible's most powerful stories.  Brave warrior David (Nathaniel Parker) leads his troops in battle against Israel's enemies and, tragically, against his own son.  The film's human dimension is as vital as the combat: David's rivalry with King Saul, his bond of friendship with Jonathan, and his illicit passion for the beautiful (and married) Bathsheba (Sheryl Lee) fill the screen with emotion.  When David begs to know why he must suffer, the answer comes: "Perhaps is is those who God loves the most... that he punishes the most severely."

Media Format: DVD

Running Time: 182 minutes

$ 24.95