Bottelo Premium Style Reusable, Protective Bottle Transport Bag in Red, 2-Pack

Product Description
  • REUSABLE - Travel with confidence when you choose the Bottelo reusable bottle transport bag
  • HERMETIC - Designed in Spain, Bottelo reusable bottle transport bag features a sturdy, hermetic triple fold plus snap buckle enclosure system
  • EASY - It’s easy to use and secure, thanks to their bubble-packaging enclosure for extra cushion, and their tough, thick-grade vinyl exterior
  • TRAVEL-READY - Perfect for travelling with wine, spirits, craft beer, olive oil
  • Before use, each Bottelo measures 17 inches tall by 7.75 inches wide. The interior measures 14 inches tall by 7 inches wide and will hold about a 4 inch diameter

 Great for traveling or as packaging for a gift!

To use, simply insert a single bottle into Bottelo (the bubble bag can be removed and reinserted if needed.) Press Bottelo lightly around the edges to remove and excess air. Then fold the four folds and close the snap buckle.  In the case of bottle breakage, do not drink the liquid.

$ 13.29