Believe, NIV: Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus

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Author: Frazee, Randy

Edition: 2nd

Number Of Pages: 512

Release Date: 02-06-2015

From the back cover:  Grounded in carefully selected scripture, Believe, NIV is a unique spiritual growth experience that takes you on a journey to think, act, and be more like Jesus.  General editor and pastor, Randy Frazee, walks you through the ten key Beliefs of the Christian faith, the ten key Factors of a Jesus-follower, and the ten key Virtues that characterize someone who is becoming more like Jesus.  Every believer needs to ask these three questions:

What Do I Believe?

What Should I Do?

Who Am I Becoming?

Each chapter uses short topical passages from the clear and accessible New International Version to help you live the story of the bible.  As you journey through this bible, whether in a group or on your own, one simple truth will become undeniably clear:

what you believe drives everything.

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Languages: English

Binding: Hardcover

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