Be Healed and Stay Healed

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Details: If nothing is stronger than the power of the cross, then why are some people not healed--even after prayer? 

And if God desires healing for His children, then why don't those who have been healed always stay healed?

In this eye-opening new book, Ed Rocha, an international healing ministry leader, tackles these conflicting realities head on.

You'll explore the supernatural principles of God's Kingdom while reading fascinating stories of success--and failure. In every chapter, along with solid biblical instruction, Rocha offers inspiring testimonies and prayers that will increase your anointing and faith for healing and equip you for an effective healing ministry.

Don't settle for frustration and failure in your prayers for healing.  Learn to partner and engage with the God who loves to heal--and wants to involve you in miraculous acts of hope.

"Read this book with expectation, as the author activates your faith to see the Kingdom come as promised."-- Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

"If you desire to see healings, signs and wonders, I highly recommend that you read this book cover to cover."-- Georgian Banov, president and co-founder, Global Celebration

"This is a book I am confident to recommend. Everyone who reads it will feel encouraged and inspired to heal the sick."-- Dr. Tom Jones, executive director, Global Awakening Ministries

About the Author: Ed Rocha ( holds a degree from the International Bible Institute of London and is currently pursuing a master's in theology. Ed's direct impartation for the healing ministry set him on a path of speaking and teaching around the world, where he has seen dramatic healings occur. He and his wife, Dani, split their time between the United States and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they are planting a church with the Global Awakening network.

Publisher: Chosen Books

Number Of Pages: 160

Release Date: 02-02-2016

EAN: 9780800797812

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

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