Stop Behaving: A Gospel-Centered Devotional for Change That Lasts

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Author: Lopes, Jerrad

Brand: Harvest House Publishers

Number Of Pages: 224

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Release Date: 02-03-2021

Details: Follow Jesus, Not Rules Whatever you struggle with as a guy—anger, pornography, lying, lust, or something else—you won’t overcome these pitfalls by simply trying harder to do what’s right or following arbitrary guidelines. You don’t need more rules. You need Jesus to change your heart. This four-week devotional will help point you toward Christ and the gospel as the catalysts for real change, the kind that not only modifies your behavior but transforms your heart and mind. Each week features five short devotions from Jerrad Lopes (creator and host of the popular Dad Tired podcast), room to write down your own daily thoughts and prayers, small group study questions, and a day to rest, pray, and reflect on what God is teaching you. Break the demoralizing cycle of trying and failing. Instead, learn how to start walking in God’s grace. Spend thirty days discovering the difference in your life when you stop behaving and start following Jesus,

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