Billy Blanks T3 - Target Tae Bo

Product Description

Author: Billy Blanks

Brand: Gaiam

Release Date: 01-12-2008

Details: BILLY BLANKS TAEBO T3 TOTAL TRANSFORMATION TRAINING: TARGET TAEBO TONE AND TRIM THOSE TROUBLE SPOTS IN JUST 10 MINUTES To many, the name Billy Blanks is synonymous with Taebo, the revolutionary total body fitness system that has helped millions of people around the world get in shape and feel their best. Now, Billy leads you through six targeted workouts that will give you the toned, sculpted body you’ve always wanted. In just 10 short minutes, Billy will motivate you to finally gain control over those problem areas that are keeping you from having the body you want. Incorporating fat-burning, muscle-toning TaeBo moves, you’ll burn fat and create attention-getting definition where you need it most. TARGET TAEBO gives you six, 10 minute body changing workouts, focused on your biceps and triceps, chest and shoulders, back, legs, butt and abdominals. Spend just 10 focused minutes with Billy for powerful, eye catching results. IN JUST 10 MINUTES, TARGET TAEBO WILL GIVE YOU: Killer Legs, Ripped biceps and triceps, Flat abs, Tight buns, Gorgeous lats and back, Sculpted shoulders and chest

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Binding: DVD

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